Expect big things in The Big Easy – 2018 Synergy DevPartner Conference

No matter which city it’s in, you can always count on learning about the latest and greatest at the Synergy DevPartner Conference.

Come join us in exciting and historic New Orleans this October 8-12 to meet with your fellow Synergy developers and learn firsthand how to enhance your applications.

The conference will be here before you know it, so be sure to register today!

2017 Holidays

Jodah and the crew took some time off for the holidays.

Check out what the crew did for the end of 2017!

Jodah deep fries a Turkey for Thanksgiving

Jodah decided to deep fry the turkey this year and Connie remembered safety first. Bigbah and Vi helped set the table, while Manny and Mark passed the football around.

Jodah shovels snow while the rest of the crew decide to take a snow day.

While Jodah got stuck shoveling the snow to the office, the others decided they ought to take a snow day instead.

Jodah energizes his workflow with Visual Studio

We can think of many compelling reasons to move your traditional Synergy development to Visual Studio. One is the fast compile/build times, made possible by MSBuild, Microsoft’s sophisticated, dependency-based build platform. And Visual Studio’s extremely powerful debugger, strong source control configuration options, and other invaluable productivity features such as IntelliSense and auto-formatting—to name just a few. While we can’t promise weight loss, we’re confident you’ll agree.

Click here to learn more about developing in Visual Studio.

Jodah energizes his workflow

Manny Catches Up on the 2017 Synergy DevPartner Conference

Miss the 2017 Synergy DevPartner Conference? Be like Manny and check out the conference sessions on YouTube!

Meet the team

Jodah Veloper
Jodah Veloper® is what great development departments are made of. He spends his days in a caffeine-fueled frenzy, writing beautiful lines of properly indented code and engaging in heated debates over whether or not to run Workbench in vi emulation mode. In the evenings and on weekends, Jodah passes the time reading Reddit, writing mods for Minecraft on a PC he built himself, and eating Thai takeout (the hotter the better). His girlfriend of six years would like to get engaged soon, but he doesn’t want to rush things.

Jodah has an epic collection of t-shirts, yet he can’t remember the last time he actually paid for one. His Pi Day celebrations are legendary. After the Synergy DevPartner Conference, his plan is to attend Comic-Con dressed as the Tenth Doctor. He stores his vinyl record collection in milk crates, between his Einstein Chia Pet and the Science Olympiad trophy he won in high school. He’s seen The Fellowship of the Ring 42 times. In Jodah’s world there are 10 types of people: Those who understand binary, and those who don’t.

Jodah learns a-bot modernizing his application

It’s a-bot time you registered for the must attend event for Synergy developers.

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