Vi Sprezz

AlthoughVieSprezz voted “Most likely to cure a disease,” in high school, Vi Sprezz® found business to be her true calling, and she became a VP by her late 20s. She’s a multi-tasking perfectionist who can juggle a product launch, four kids and their countless activities, and organizing the annual Barkapalooza Dog Walkathon and Silent Auction (to raise funds for the local animal shelter) without breaking a sweat. Her no-nonsense, take-charge approach; black belt in karate; and penchant for red power suits make her a little intimidating (even Bigbah is a little afraid of her, though he’d never admit it), but she somehow manages to handle it all with aplomb and a smile.

Secretly addicted to Red Bull and Trivia Crack, Vi sometimes appears to be feverishly answering emails on her phone when she’s actually answering a geography question or challenging an opponent. Everyone in the office knows she won’t miss an episode of Big Little Lies, but few are aware that she also owns every episode of Friends on DVD and watches them late at night after she’s finished alphabetizing her spice rack. Fewer still know that she was the undisputed arm wrestling champion of her sorority and she once won a break dance contest. Vi’s motto: Sleep is for suckers.


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