Manny Jurr

Manny Jurr® Mannyis in charge of a team of 10 software developers and believes that he might actually be the first person to master the art of herding cats. He knows his application works perfectly. He also knows that no one wants a green screen anymore, and his team must revamp its UI so it looks like the coolest thing on the market. The pressure is on to get it done, but Manny isn’t worried — after all, he can vanquish a dragon with his bare hands. Oh wait, that was a dream; dragons don’t exist. But if they did, Manny feels certain he could vanquish one.

Manny is the first person in the office each day and the last to leave. He makes frequent references to working out at his “club,” but his primary form of exercise is trying to beat his previous score at Dance Dance Revolution in his basement. Ever since Manny quit smoking 12 years ago, he’s been hooked on Diet Mountain Dew. He spends his weekends traipsing through garage sales, hoping to stumble across early edition Captain America comic books in mint condition. A self-proclaimed pizza addict, Manny has Mama Leona’s Italian Palace on speed dial.


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