A modern UI. You simply cannot survive without one!

The way an application looks is often just as important as what it does. But, if you have a cell-based UI or an outdated UI Toolkit UI, it is likely not sending the right message about the application’s functionality. Fortunately, since you are developing with Synergy/DE, you can modernize your UI while preserving all your existing business logic. And attending Synergex’s annual developer’s conference is by far the most efficient way to get started.

At each SPC attendees have countless opportunities to pick the brains of fellow developers and the Synergex technical staff in order to glean guidance and information about how to successfully approach any new development project—from people who have actually done it themselves. Plus, at SPC 2010, the customer demo will showcase an application before and after updating to a modern UI, and will discuss precisely how to do it and what the results have been so far.

SPC 2010 is taking place October 4-8 in Sacramento, CA. Visit conference.synergex.com for more information and to register.

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