SPC 2009 special early-bird pricing ends today! Don’t miss out on the savings

These days, more than ever, it’s critical to sharpen your skills and be a superstar at the office. That’s no easy task when resources are limited and there’s increased pressure to create better products, faster.

Attending the SPC is the fastest, most effective way for you to get up to speed with the most current technology, and learn how to implement all the latest Synergy/DE features, so you can be sure you are developing at optimum efficiency and creating the best applications possible. Does your Windows interface need an update? Do you want to add a GUI interface to your OpenVMS or UNIX applications? Do you want to extend your applications to the Web? Do you want to harness the power of relational databases such as SQL Server, MySQL, or Oracle? The possibilities are endless.

At this year’s SPC, you will learn how easy it is to use today’s proven, powerful Synergy/DE features to make your applications soar.

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