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It’s survival of the fittest–keep your development tools sharp

Your Synergy applications are the result of years of developing, fine-tuning, and customizing to meet the unique requirements of your users. To keep applications relevant, it’s important to embrace the latest technologies as they emerge. Fortunately, the Synergy/DE toolset is constantly evolving, so you can keep your applications current and competitive, no matter what technologies the future brings.

The latest version of Synergy/DE makes it even easier for you to build on your existing investment in your Synergy code and focus on creating new functionality, boosting performance, and improving user experience. Enhanced support for the latest industry technologies gives you endless opportunities to add value to your Synergy applications.

Want to advance your applications even more rapidly?
Try Symphony Framework and CodeGen, two open-source tools from Synergex. Symphony Framework is a set of libraries that enables you to enhance existing Synergy .NET applications and migrate traditional Synergy applications to a WPF user interface. CodeGen is a template-driven code generator that can help in the migration process (and in many other programming tasks). Contact us for more information about these tools and learn how they can help you today.

It's survival of the fittest--keep your development tools sharp

Don’t let an apocalypse (or anything else) hold you back. Upgrade to Synergy/DE 10.1 today

Synergy/DE 10.1. No Boundaries.

With Synergy/DE 10.1, you have the freedom to take your applications wherever you want to go. Features like change tracking, Windows 8 support, Synergy .NET enhancements, and HTTP/HTTPS enhancements enable you to  add significant new value to your proven applications. And productivity features like multi-user Repository and improvements to the C# to DBL code converter make it even easier for you to develop great software.

With Synergy/DE 10.1, there are no limits on what you and your applications can achieve. Visit to learn more.

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