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Synergy DevPartner Conference 2014: Stuffed with more value than a Couch Fund.

Over the years, you’ve heard about many ways you can advance your Synergy applications—ways to make them look more sophisticated, ways to increase functionality, ways to improve productivity for your developers. But suppose your UI has always been “fine.” Maybe your users weren’t yet asking for relational databases, or new platforms, or new features. And maybe your developers were content with their tools and their productivity. Until now—NOW they want something, and NOW you need to do something. Is it too late? Should you have paid more attention during the conferences?

Never fear. You can catch up on all you need to know about Synergy/DE at this year’s conference. In addition to learning about the new features in our upcoming Synergy/DE 10.3 release, as well as newer technologies such as Android, iOS, Linux, Mac OS, and .NET, you will also learn about the important technologies and features customers have been using the past few years. When developing our conference agenda, we made sure to include the topics our customers asked about most frequently this past year.

No matter where you are in your product’s life cycle, the Synergy DevPartner Conference is for you. Register today.


Get groovin’ with some energy. Attend the Synergy DevPartner Conference

The upcoming Synergy DevPartner Conference is packed with informative sessions and tutorials that will show you how to enhance the look and feel of your Synergy/DE-based applications.  You will hear firsthand from customers who have enhanced their own applications, and will learn the steps they took to get from a cell-based application to a modern UI. And you will be surrounded by Synergy developers who may be exploring the same paths you are, or who may have already accomplished some of your goals and can share valuable insights.

Learn more about the conference at


Attend the 2012 Synergy DevPartner Conference

Whether you’re after a better looking, more intuitive interface, or you want increased business functionality,  you can achieve your goals with Synergy/DE.

Your Synergy applications are the product of years of development investment and are ideally tailored to your specific business needs. But, no matter how well your applications are currently running your business, or the businesses of your customers, it is vital that you continuously keep them up-to-date so that they look as powerful as they are, and they continue to offer new functionality to your users. While you are aware of their underlying power, if they don’t look powerful and modern, prospects and new decision makers might not be convinced.

Fortunately, Synergex makes it easy for you to extend your applications so that you continue to get high return on your investment in your proven business logic. Come to the Synergy DevPartner Conference to learn how you can advance your existing Synergy apps so they rival any modern competitor.

A modern UI. You simply cannot survive without one!

The way an application looks is often just as important as what it does. But, if you have a cell-based UI or an outdated UI Toolkit UI, it is likely not sending the right message about the application’s functionality. Fortunately, since you are developing with Synergy/DE, you can modernize your UI while preserving all your existing business logic. And attending Synergex’s annual developer’s conference is by far the most efficient way to get started.

At each SPC attendees have countless opportunities to pick the brains of fellow developers and the Synergex technical staff in order to glean guidance and information about how to successfully approach any new development project—from people who have actually done it themselves. Plus, at SPC 2010, the customer demo will showcase an application before and after updating to a modern UI, and will discuss precisely how to do it and what the results have been so far.

SPC 2010 is taking place October 4-8 in Sacramento, CA. Visit for more information and to register.

Register for SPC 2010 before August 27 to take advantage of the special early-bird pricing!!

Because you have a Synergy/DE-based application, the Synergex Partner Conference is the one event you and your development team can’t afford to miss. The SPC is, without a doubt, the most efficient and effective way to get up to speed on the latest features in Synergy/DE — features that will make you more productive and that will make your applications more powerful. The SPC includes technical sessions, demos, hands-on exercises, and numerous networking opportunities, providing you with an invaluable education that you can immediately put to use after the conference. Check out the agenda for complete descriptions of all the sessions.

To guarantee you don’t miss out, register for SPC 2010 today.

And, don’t forget to make your hotel reservations also before August 27 to get a significantly discounted rate at the historic Citizen hotel (just named one of the top 10 Best Geek Hotels in the world!). To obtain the conference rate of only $115 per night, call (916) 447-2700 up until August 27, and mention the Synergex conference.

We look forward to seeing you October 4-8 in Sacramento.

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