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Manny Catches Up on the 2017 Synergy DevPartner Conference

Miss the 2017 Synergy DevPartner Conference? Be like Manny and check out the conference sessions on YouTube!

Jodah learns a-bot modernizing his application

It’s a-bot time you registered for the must attend event for Synergy developers.

Don’t be absentee

You can’t afford to miss the DevPartner Conference.

The conference is the most effective way to learn about the possibilities now available to you in Synergy/DE—including the new features in version 10.3.3! Learn how to use the products, when to use the products — and best of all, how your peers have used the products and what they recommend. It’s an invaluable education that will make your development more productive and your applications more powerful. Learn more at


Meet Vi Sprezz!

Jodah says, “I haven’t seen decisive management like this since Manny made us pull the car into Krispy Kreme when he saw the “Hot Now” light go on.

Early bird discount for the DevPartner Conference ends March 31. Register today!


Uncover the hidden value in your Synergy applications

Did you know that with the latest version of Synergy/DE you can interface with relational databases, migrate to a graphical UI, and build Synergy .NET applications for Android?

Yes, your existing tried-and-true Synergy application can take advantage of the latest that technology has to offer — allowing you to remain current and competitive while leveraging your proven data and logic.

Learn all about the possibilities available to you and your Synergy application at the upcoming Synergy DevPartner Conference! This year’s agenda is based on the topics customers have most often asked about over the past year, as well as the latest features in Synergy/DE. Three action-packed days of sessions, hands-on tutorials, and networking opportunities will provide you with a comprehensive education that you can immediately apply to your Synergy applications. Register today.


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