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Zap Those Bugs with Visual Studio

Using Synergy DBL Integration for Visual Studio to access the Visual Studio Debugger is the most powerful way to debug your traditional Synergy code regardless of deployment platform. Traditional Synergy programs running on Windows, Unix, or OpenVMS without Visual Studio projects can even be debugged using Visual Studio remote debugging.

Jodah energizes his workflow with Visual Studio

We can think of many compelling reasons to move your traditional Synergy development to Visual Studio. One is the fast compile/build times, made possible by MSBuild, Microsoft’s sophisticated, dependency-based build platform. And Visual Studio’s extremely powerful debugger, strong source control configuration options, and other invaluable productivity features such as IntelliSense and auto-formatting—to name just a few. While we can’t promise weight loss, we’re confident you’ll agree.

Click here to learn more about developing in Visual Studio.

Jodah energizes his workflow

Jodah grabs an opportunity

As of Synergy/DE 10.3.3, both Traditional Synergy and Synergy .NET developers have the ability to develop Synergy applications in Visual Studio.

Attend the upcoming webinar “Visual Studio Features and Beyond” to learn more! Whether you are thinking about migrating your projects to Visual Studio, are current users of this IDE, or want to know what all the fuss is about, this webinar is for you. We will explore some of the great new features in Visual Studio and explain how you can use them when developing Synergy applications. We will also provide resources to help those who wish to migrate their projects to Visual Studio. Join us on Tuesday, October 25, at 10 am PST and receive a limited edition Synergy + Visual Studio = UNSTOPPABLE shirt.

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It’s survival of the fittest–keep your development tools sharp

Your Synergy applications are the result of years of developing, fine-tuning, and customizing to meet the unique requirements of your users. To keep applications relevant, it’s important to embrace the latest technologies as they emerge. Fortunately, the Synergy/DE toolset is constantly evolving, so you can keep your applications current and competitive, no matter what technologies the future brings.

The latest version of Synergy/DE makes it even easier for you to build on your existing investment in your Synergy code and focus on creating new functionality, boosting performance, and improving user experience. Enhanced support for the latest industry technologies gives you endless opportunities to add value to your Synergy applications.

Want to advance your applications even more rapidly?
Try Symphony Framework and CodeGen, two open-source tools from Synergex. Symphony Framework is a set of libraries that enables you to enhance existing Synergy .NET applications and migrate traditional Synergy applications to a WPF user interface. CodeGen is a template-driven code generator that can help in the migration process (and in many other programming tasks). Contact us for more information about these tools and learn how they can help you today.

It's survival of the fittest--keep your development tools sharp

Ready for the most informative 2 minutes and 25 seconds of your day?

Watch a short video to learn how the Workbench enhancements in Synergy/DE 9.3 will give your development productivity a boost.

No matter which platform your application targets, Workbench 9.3 will noticeably speed your development time.

For example, Workbench’s new build system allows you to prototype, compile, and link your entire application with a single mouse click. And the newly integrated support for 64-bit systems allows you to easily switch back and forth between targeted application solutions.

Click here to learn more about all of the new features in Synergy/DE 9.3.

Increase your productivity and make your application more powerful. Upgrade to Synergy/DE 9.3 today.

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